ATAMAN Mission statement.

We create the best precision guns for sports, hunting and leisure developing the heritage of the greatest Russian gunsmiths. We achieve our goals by using the cutting-edge developments, the most up-to-date production technologies, the best materials and attentive attitude to end users of our products.

Our goals.

1. Quality

  • Our products are of the best quality, we set the highest standards for ourselves.

  • We encourage our employees who set the goal of improving the quality of their work.

  • We respect any opinion on the quality of our products.


2. Relations

  • We are a team of professionals united by a goal of pleasing our clients with our products.

  • We have open and trust-based relations with our clients and partners.

  • We know and respect the laws of the countries in which we operate.


3. Innovations

  • We are capable of making revolutions evben in such a conservative area as gunnery.

  • We implement the newest technologies which improve our products.

  • Innovations are used in all the areas of our operations.


4. Dignity

  • We encourage the eligible ones.

  • We support the shooting sports and sportsmen who represent Russia on the international competitions.

  • We do not sell our products for the purposes that are against the common ethics.




The history of ATAMAN.

The history of the company starts in the early 2000s. Foreign airguns were brought to Russian market giving the opportunity of becoming familiar with PCP air rifles.
Very soon the wish to improve grew to the will to create a new product as there were lots of gifted engineers and facilities in the gunnery area.
DEMYAN LLC was established in 2005 and started to supply the Russian market with its products - mostly limited lots for FieldTarget and Benchrest disciplines. Having been restructured in 2010, the company immediately launched the official serial productions of all types of weapons eligible according to the Russian legislation.
The company`s policy is uncompromuising quality, which allows to have a really high-end product capable of rivaling the best international items.
In order to make its goals real, the company attracts only the best specialists in Russia. Only the best personnel experienced in the military, aviation and space areas - everyone who is capable of providing his best in order to get the best possible quality. We only use the CNC machinery such as HAAS and Spinner in the production, so as sertified aluminum alligations and other high-class materials. Ou production is sertified according to the ISO-9001 standard.
Only the best sportsmen such as Mikhail Nestrujev Olympic (Champion in shooting, frequent World Champion); Artyom Khadjibekov (frequent Olympic champion in shooting), Alexey Soldatov (Benchrest World Champion), Oleg Sergienko (frequent European Championships awardee) are attracted for the product development.