New Russian production

Russian gunnery has always been known for its high quality, reliability, cutting-edge technologies. ATAMAN air rifles manufacturing proudly follows the traditions of our ancestors; moreover, our goal is to bring the company to one of the world’s leading positions in the PCP production area.

Our team consists of concerned specialists for whom it is simply a common task to produce high-quality goods of world class. That is why our product` s characteristics stand out even if compared not only with Russian, but also with foreign goods.

The keys to success are the production standards which are based on the best world procedures in the quality providing area. The internal standards of our company are sometimes even more strict than those required by ISO:9001/9002, under which our company is certified. We also employ many other instruments managing our production.

Our principle is that excellent product can only be produced as a result of well-organized process, on the best equipment, with the best tools, and, very importantly, by the professionals. We must implement the cutting-edge technologies, be uncompromising to even the smallest defects in order to have only the best details during all the stages of production, and achieve the excellent results. Only one defected detail may ruin the whole production lot.

The second principle is that we use only the high-quality materials. Of course, this leads to increase in our production costs, but the end quality of the product worth it. There are lots of cheap offers on the market, lots of fake, “imported” goods – usually it is nothing more than waste and unsaleable products. It is a great jeopardy to produce weapons out of such materials, as one risks to end with unacceptable and even dangerous product that may injure its owner sooner or later. We don`t save on materials. Both the materials and the goods produced out of them are checked thoroughly. For example, the high-pressure cylinder is tested at 450 atm., while its strength margin is up to 850 atm.

The third principle is to use only the best gear, professional measure instruments. Of course, there is always a temptation to make everything in the old ways, by feel, hoping that it will do. But inevitably it leads to the increase in the defects level. Some details` clearance counts to 0,03-0,05 mm. It is mandatory not only to produce the detail, but also to make sure that it is produced in a strict accordance to the blueprint. Having the best measure instruments is not enough for this, the personnel must master the knowledge of the tools. Additionally we calibrating devices in order to thoroughly check the threads bearing huge loads, apertures intended for important parts in the barrel unit and rifle bore.

The fourth principle is the production management. In our operation we focus on the best companies from all over the world, and, being younger, learn from them and implement the procedures of lean manufacturing (lean technologies, six sigma etc.). But still, people are the core element of a great job. The philosophy of such people is to faithfully do your job, grow and develop together with the company, earn a decent salary, participate in developing a new generation manufacturing company – a real innovative enterprise that is well-known and respected in Russia and worldwide and makes its compatriots be proud of it.